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Copyright Aware?

Most of us don’t think about copyright much while interacting with the internet. An example of this is the way we save images we find appealing. Materials: Smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Task Open up your device and… Read More

Did You Know?

Objective: Using a quiz maker, such as Quibblo, create an Icebreaker quiz. (15 points) Instructions: – Quiz should be 5-10 questions long. – The topic should relate to a personal hobby or interest. – Remember, this should be… Read More

Bookprint Project

Scholastic defines a BOOKPRINT as: “the list of five books that leave an indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become.” Instructions: Brainstorm your personal canon. What books have made an impact on… Read More

Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise

Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise Instructions: Open your music player/app. Put on shuffle (aka random). Hit Play. Record title, artist, and length of the first random song that comes up. Use the song title, and/or lyrics, as the… Read More