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Collection IV

ADA & IDEA – an assignment in 3 acts. Fire Away – 3 lingering questions about ADA & IDEA. Grok/Korg: Small Group Projects – video chat about our experiences/results. Trolls – a search and research on patent and… Read More

Collection 3

Intellectual Property and Its Offspring Who to Follow: Amber Case – Cyber anthropology, and calm tech. Frenemy IP – what I think of IP. Making Sense of Copyright – a non-conclusive timeline. OneNote – workflow productivity boost?! Fair… Read More

Collection 2

Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Life Online, Oh My! What Does Digital Citizenship Mean? – personal definition Exploring Digital Citizenship – Storify collections Domain of One’s Own – Reflections (Wired & Watters readings) Personal Cyberinfrastructure – Reflections (All Gardner… Read More

Collection 1

Collection 1: Geeking Out Twitter: @sgcarstensen Barbaric Blog Yawp: a blog about me, messy and unrefined. Desert Cardinal: digital artwork. Here There Be Dragons: mindmap of a favorite subject. Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise: lesson plan. Bookprint Project:… Read More