Making of: AR

A look at the drawing process for my ED 677 Augmented Reality project. I created a 3 panel comic, depicting scenes from an academic year. When viewed with the Aurasma app each panel plays a recital of a poem (different for each panel).


I pulled a poem I had written last spring, “Mid-semester”, that I thought would work as the cornerstone for a minimal or textless three panel comic. My idea was to show three snapshots of a student from different parts of the year. I figured that everyone could relate to the progression from laidback start, to stressed, to the elation of freedom—even if the viewer had never attended university.


I pencil sketched and then digitally created the panels in Photoshop. While I was sketching the first panel, I got the idea to add a “Making of” video as part of the project and to connect it to the comic via QR code. So, I took screencaps of the inking/color process and tracked down a free music clip to give the video a bit of a polished feel.

While I was working on the comic art I also edited a half finished poem, “Logophile”, which I thought caught the laidback feeling of the start of the year—when everyone is happy to see their friends and projects and homework haven’t started to weight down yet. The last panel was harder, because I didn’t have a poem in mind. Instead I was working sort of backward, creating the poem to fit the image I had in my head of the last panel. I’m not 100 percent happy with “Death of the Alarm Clock,” but I think it functions as it needs to for the project.

For each panel I created a simple video with a soundtrack of me reading one of the poems. I had poked around Aurasma, and was disappointed that there was no way to overlay just a sound file. My original plan had been to overlay a png of the poem text, with a semi-transparent background and pair it with the audio file. The ability just to overlay an audio file is a missed opportunity for Aurasma I think.

When I had completed the panels I put them together using InDesign. I chose to use InDesign in anticipation of wanting to play with the comic more in the future. I really liked the project and, time permitting, may want to expand on it. InDesign is a publishing software that lets you output projects as PDFs, ebooks, etc.—without needing to reformat or recreate previous work.

Overall I had fun working on my AR project. It gave me not only a chance to play with new ways of presenting a story but several ideas of how I might utilize AR and QR technology in a classroom.



Best Broken Glass Pack by atilazz

Nodens (Field Song) by axtoncrolley