For the remix/mashups project I decided to remix our first assignment, Elements of Digital Storytelling. This was the only assignment I could picture remixing. While I think my post turned out well, the outcome is lacking the artistic expression that the other assignments had.

Besides, my understanding of what Digital Storytelling means has become more concrete as we’ve worked with each of the forms. It is nice to look back at what we’ve done this semester and wrap up what I’ve learned.

I chose to use Powtoon, which is an online presentation software, to create my remix. I liked that it gave me music, fonts, transitions, etc. to work with. Of course there are more possibilities if you upgrade, but the free account has plenty to get started. The workspace was pretty easy to use, once I clicked through all the tabs to see what everything was. My only complaint is that you can’t change the arrangement of items. So if I wanted text to sit over an image, I had to add the image first; otherwise, the image would cover the text.

To make my slides I pulled images from my, and my classmates, posts. I also snagged some quotes to give the presentation more depth. For the AR section I created an aura with Aurasma rather than adding text or screencaps.

I basically tried to make the remix as fun and interesting as the class has been.