What have I done to spruce-up my blog?

I changed my theme. For Digital Storytelling I used BlogSixteen, but the navigation bar had some issues that only became apparent when I set up pages in a drop-down menu. So now I’m using Swell Lite — which looks pretty similar visually. The header image is a photo I took on our ED 658 field observation trip to Anderson. I’ve also tweaked the colors of the layout.

I’ve got pages, as you can see ED 677 is static final versions of Digital Storytelling projects. I haven’t created any for ED 654 yet; I’m still playing around with how I’d like them to be organized.

I have added the Free & Simple Contact Form Plugin – by PirateForms. I wanted a contact form on my about page, to make it simpler to contact me privately. I’ve also added the Twitter plugin, so that when I tweet links to my site they display a Twitter card.

I have also utilized a Twitter widget, to track #nousion in my site’s sidebar.

So, there you have it. I’m all blinged out.

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