Making Connections

Are you there, class? It’s me, Sarah.

Task: Visit the blogs of your classmates and initiate conversation on at least 4 people’s posts.

Not-so-secret objective(s): A key part of being engaged with an online course is connecting to the other people in it.


I commented on some of the cohort’s Digital Citizenship posts, and asked questions pertaining to them.

[click names to see my comment!]

Points: 10/10

2 Comments on “Making Connections

  1. Great idea, Sarah! I’m actually going to do your assignment as well. 🙂 Isn’t it funny how even when given freedom to go forth and participate as we see fit, some of us feel more comfortable given a set number or guideline for said participation? I had already “assigned” myself a set number of replies, comments and questions for classmates. I wonder if that is the “teacher” brain at work, or if it’s a conditioned act?

    • I can’t claim this one, it is one of the nousion-made additions to the chose your own assignments list. D’Arcy came up with it originally, I believe.

      I bet the assigned comments thing is a bit of both — if you’ve participated in online coursework or workshops before.

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