Here There Be Dragons

dragon mindmap

Original made using Would not recommend it. Pictures make the map too big, and you don’t know you’ve gone over the free-user size limit until you try to export/publish. The site also holds on to data, so even though you delete all the pictures/cut the map down it will tell you the size is too big. If you go over you have to start over. This is a stitched screencap of the original.

I did another version on which doesn’t allow pictures but does allow color-coding. You can share a version through the site which viewers can drag around to look at. Or export various ways–such as the pdf version below.

Download (PDF, 87KB)

4 Comments on “Here There Be Dragons

  1. Love these mindmaps. Thanks for the heads up mindmup, nothing can be for frustrating then reaching an unexpected limit. I like the fact that you’re able to use mindmeister within a google doc as an add-on. I was talking with a composition teacher and she said that she thought using the mindmap on a student essay really helped students understand hierarchy.

    • I think mindmaps are great for brainstorming writing. It takes some pressure off students to start informally.

    • I saw a handmade, stuffed Smaug the other day. It was very cuddly.

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