Fire Away

Questions I still have about ADA/IDEA.

1. The level of accommodation is much different post-secondary, how are we preparing students to deal with the shift should they plan on continuing their education after high school? I know that part of IEP planning is the transition to adulthood (i.e. leaving parental care/being responsible for themselves), but are students/parents made aware that IEPs don’t follow along into college; and what help/information are they given about navigating the process of getting accommodations?

2. With the shift from No Child Left Behind to the Every Student Succeeds Act, will there be an update to IDEA (last modified in 2004)?

3. How does ADA/IDEA affect online learning? While I have a pretty good understanding of what accommodations look like in a face-to-face classroom, I am less sure about how they would translate to elearning/distance ed courses.

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  1. Good questions, Sarah. I’m more familiar with what kind of online accommodations are required for online higher education instructors and it would be interesting to know how much this differs in the primary and secondary levels. We can’t forget that there are online opportunities for many primary and secondary students. I’m sure, just like in higher ed, that these populations are increasing.

    • Thanks. 🙂 It would be interesting to see how they differ between education levels.

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