Fair Use


I’ve chosen to use a video I created last semester that explores the definition of Digital Storytelling. I would use this as an intro to a Digital Storytelling unit, for an English Literature class. Or, perhaps at the start of a semester where students would be using/exploring Digital Storytelling.

Nature & Amount

I used screen-caps of mine and my classmates’ projects from earlier in the semester. I also used an image from the Portal 2 comic, an advertisement, and a graphic found on the web. Interspersed with these are quotes from various sources. The amount of use is small, as each image is only up for a handful of seconds. The works used are either cropped/edited or displayed in such a way that the heart isn’t the focus. Similarly, the quotes used are short.

The video was created using Powtoon, which gave me access and permission to use graphics (such as the transitions and backgrounds) and music.


The usage doesn’t impact the market of the original works, at least not in a negative way. Most of the works I’m pulling from are educational, and if a viewer found a particular quote or work interesting they would be likely to search for the original to view or borrow a copy for themselves. Students in a secondary classroom would not be likely to purchase copies of any of the books quoted, regardless of having seen the quotes or not.

Additionally, I’ve set the video as unlisted, so that it doesn’t show up in searches. I’ve also titled it as ED 677 Remix, which makes the chances of someone coming across it accidentally much smaller. This reduces the impact that the video might have, though again, that impact would be minuscule.

2 Comments on “Fair Use

  1. Whoa, I was not expecting that music when the video kicked off! Glad to see you re-purposing work from other ONID classes. Your reasoning makes sense to me…if anything, I think you erred far on the side of caution with the title and leaving the video unlisted!

    • Thanks for being open to letting me re-purpose work! 🙂

      I was probably a bit over cautious, but when I posted the video I was still a little unsure of what fair-use I could get away with. I figured at the time my use was well within the boundaries, but I went with better safe than sorry.

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