What does Digital Citizenship mean?

Talk about a loaded question.

My idea of Digital Citizenship is based off of my ideas of citizenship and general “member in good standing” unspoken rules that are pretty ubiquitous amongst the various online communities I’ve been involved with.

⦿ Contribute what you can/when you can.

⦿ Don’t be rude.

⦿ Take pride in the community, help improve it.

⦿ Help the others when they need it.

⦿ If you have critiques, express them in a way that doesn’t belittle/devalue others or their work – instead make them constructive.

⦿ Try to see things from others’ perspectives.

⦿ Remember we were all fluffy baby chicks once, needing to ask questions isn’t a weakness or an affront.

⦿ Be proud of what you can do, but always work to better yourself.

⦿ Inclusive trumps exclusive.

⦿ Give credit where credit is due.

⦿ If something is not right, say so. Wrongs aren’t righted with silence.

⦿ Mostly, remember the golden rule:

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5 Comments on “What does Digital Citizenship mean?

  1. I think you and I have similar ideas about the concept of digital citizenship at this point. One of your bullets about giving credit when do, is one that I didn’t think about but is an important addition.

    • I think you’re right our ideas of Digital Citizenship are pretty similar. I liked your point about owning up to your action, I think sometimes people believe because it is anonymous that it is OK to be a jerk.

  2. The question of anonymity—what it allows or reinforces, whether it should be allowed, how it works into good citizenship—is an important one. I hope you, Heidi and others have time to delve into it. Keeping in mind both the negatives and possible positives of anonymous activity and action…

    On a meta-note: this kind of intentional, personal and experiential extraction of implicit rules is perfect and, in some way, is ultimately a large part of what this class ends up being about for many people…

    • Thank you. 🙂

      I scratched the surface of the issue with my explorations, looking at digital etiquette. I’m sure issue of anonymity will be something I pick again later in the semester.

      • Good point, Chris. Sometimes taking on a persona may actually get one’s attention in an “Ender’s Game” kind of way. I will definitely think about and incorporate that idea somewhere this semester.

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