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What does Digital Citizenship mean?

Talk about a loaded question. My idea of Digital Citizenship is based off of my ideas of citizenship and general “member in good standing” unspoken rules that are pretty ubiquitous amongst the various online communities I’ve been involved… Read More

Collection 1

Collection 1: Geeking Out Twitter: @sgcarstensen Barbaric Blog Yawp: a blog about me, messy and unrefined. Desert Cardinal: digital artwork. Here There Be Dragons: mindmap of a favorite subject. Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise: lesson plan. Bookprint Project:… Read More

Bookprint Project

Scholastic defines a BOOKPRINT as: “the list of five books that leave an indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become.” Instructions: Brainstorm your personal canon. What books have made an impact on… Read More

Digital Humanities

𝔼ncompassing new technologies, research methods, and opportunities for collaborative scholarship and open-source peer review, as well as innovative ways of sharing knowledge and teaching, — Debates in the Digital Humanities When I started researching Digital Humanities I came… Read More

Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise

Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise Instructions: Open your music player/app. Put on shuffle (aka random). Hit Play. Record title, artist, and length of the first random song that comes up. Use the song title, and/or lyrics, as the… Read More

Here There Be Dragons

Original made using Would not recommend it. Pictures make the map too big, and you don’t know you’ve gone over the free-user size limit until you try to export/publish. The site also holds on to data, so… Read More

Desert Cardinal

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Digital drawing, created using Photoshop CS4. Photo referance: Pyrrhuloxia My Dad lives in Payson AZ, and cardinals are one of my favorite birds. Creative Commons I’ve… Read More

Barbaric Blog Yawp

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a writer, and an artist, and a hopeful future teacher. Place I exist in the ether: – where my blog for this class will be. It also has my ED 677 projects…. Read More