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Collection 3

Intellectual Property and Its Offspring Who to Follow: Amber Case – Cyber anthropology, and calm tech. Frenemy IP – what I think of IP. Making Sense of Copyright – a non-conclusive timeline. OneNote – workflow productivity boost?! Fair… Read More

Copyright Aware?

Most of us don’t think about copyright much while interacting with the internet. An example of this is the way we save images we find appealing. Materials: Smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Task Open up your device and… Read More

Bullet Journal

Started out with a notebook I had used 2 pages of … 5 years ago. It was buried, forgotten under a stack of books on my overflowing bookshelf. I’m hoping this Bullet Journal will consolidate some of my… Read More

Fair Use

Purpose I’ve chosen to use a video I created last semester that explores the definition of Digital Storytelling. I would use this as an intro to a Digital Storytelling unit, for an English Literature class. Or, perhaps at… Read More


I’m going to be finishing my M.Ed and Student Teaching next year, so I could certainly use a productivity boost. I decided to try OneNote, to see if I could streamline some of my workflow. Did I end… Read More

Making Sense of Copyright

Copyright history is a convoluted mess, but I’ve tried to pick out the events that I think have shaped modern copyright law/practices. In some cases, I’ve grouped events because they build on each other. My audience is 12th… Read More

Frenemy IP

This assignment was hard to articulate. I have some strong thoughts on copyright, whereas Intellectual Property (IP) is a huge umbrella term. Even after reading and research I’m still not sure that I’m confident speaking about the intricacies… Read More

Who to Follow: Amber Case

I was introduced to Amber Case’s idea of Templated Self by Jim Groom recently, and that kind of domino-ed into reading about/becoming interested in Cyborg Anthropology. I was really taken by the idea. “[C]yborg anthropology is a placeholder… Read More

Collection 2

Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Life Online, Oh My! What Does Digital Citizenship Mean? – personal definition Exploring Digital Citizenship – Storify collections Domain of One’s Own – Reflections (Wired & Watters readings) Personal Cyberinfrastructure – Reflections (All Gardner… Read More

Essential Elements reflections 6-9

Find my rich reflections on Doug Belshaw’s The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, chapters 6-9 HERE “Just as one has to learn how to ‘do school’, so we need to learn how to learn online before we can… Read More