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Not-So-Final Project

A not-so-final look at Digital Literacy, for the middle school set, done as a series of lessons that can be used individually or as a contained unit. Digi-Citi Reflection Tips for Future Students

DigiCiti Reflection

This is a slightly rambling reflection on Digital Citizenship. I shortened Digital Citizenship to Digi-Citi, because I kept getting tongue-tied while recording.   Download a Transcript of the DigiCiti audio file.

Tips for Future Students

My Tips for future ED 654 students, done motivational poster style. Resources: Don’t Panic – Johan Larsson – CC BY 2.0 Coffee pot – CC0 1.0 Recording mic – CC0 1.0 Books – CC0 1.0 Hot air balloons… Read More

Collection IV

ADA & IDEA – an assignment in 3 acts. Fire Away – 3 lingering questions about ADA & IDEA. Grok/Korg: Small Group Projects – video chat about our experiences/results. Trolls – a search and research on patent and… Read More

Valerie’s Participatory Citizenship

Assignment: Find and describe 3 digital tools that can be used to promote participatory citizenship. For each tool, describe how it works, and then analyze if it works.   3 tools to promote civic particpation   Community PlanIt… Read More

D’Arcy’s Make It Accessible

Task: An essential component of being a responsible and compassionate “digital citizen” (and educator) is making sure that your works are accessible to an audience whose abilities fall across the spectrum. For this assignment, go out of your… Read More


When we studied IP, I was pretty disgusted with the idea of Patent Trolls. To me they seem to violate the central purpose of IP protection. Patent Trolls, also known as non-practicing entities, don’t actually create anything they… Read More

Fire Away

Questions I still have about ADA/IDEA. 1. The level of accommodation is much different post-secondary, how are we preparing students to deal with the shift should they plan on continuing their education after high school? I know that… Read More


An assignment in three acts. Act 1: What are ADA and IDEA? Who do they protect? Why are Title 2 and Section 504 important? Act 2: What are reasonable accommodations? What makes accommodations unreasonable? What are they called… Read More

Grok/Korg: Small Group Projects

Heidi, Valerie, Tatiana, and I got together and compared our experiences, and results, from the Small Group Communication Factors project.