Month: June 2016

Collection 2

Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Life Online, Oh My! What Does Digital Citizenship Mean? – personal definition Exploring Digital Citizenship – Storify collections Domain of One’s Own – Reflections (Wired & Watters readings) Personal Cyberinfrastructure – Reflections (All Gardner… Read More

Essential Elements reflections 6-9

Find my rich reflections on Doug Belshaw’s The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, chapters 6-9 HERE “Just as one has to learn how to ‘do school’, so we need to learn how to learn online before we can… Read More

Think About Thinking

Sorry, esses have a little extra susurrous going on there at the end. Transcription of audio file: So this is a little think about thinking on using the wiki for rich reflections, on Belshaw’s Essential Elements of Digital… Read More

Tree Campus USA?

I’ve never made an infographic before, but a make-and-share seemed like a good time to try it out. I used Canva, an online graphics program. I was surprised to see these little signs pop-up around campus a few… Read More

A Domain of One’s Own

A Domain of One’s Own – Wired That’s why I was delighted to hear recently from Jim Groom about an effort called A Domain of One’s Own. (The name is, of course, a hat tip to Virginia Woolf.)… Read More

Personal Cyberinfrastructure – Reflection

A Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Walter Gardner Campbell — EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 44, no. 5 (September/October 2009): 58–59 Gardner Campbell discusses the misstep of using LMS (Learning Management systems) in higher education and how the internet and digital technology… Read More

As We May Think – Reflection

As We May Think – Vennevar Bush, The Atlantic. July 1945 “They are illuminating the interactions of his physiological and psychological functions, giving the promise of an improved mental health.” (section 1, para 1)


What have I done to spruce-up my blog? I changed my theme. For Digital Storytelling I used BlogSixteen, but the navigation bar had some issues that only became apparent when I set up pages in a drop-down menu…. Read More

Essential Elements reflections 1-5

Find my rich reflections on Doug Belshaw’s The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies, chapters 1-5 HERE “Preparing both ourselves and others to participate fully in society should, to my mind, be the goal of literacies.” (p. 58) This… Read More

Did You Know?

Objective: Using a quiz maker, such as Quibblo, create an Icebreaker quiz. (15 points) Instructions: – Quiz should be 5-10 questions long. – The topic should relate to a personal hobby or interest. – Remember, this should be… Read More